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The Copper & Holly Christmas Trends 2022

The Copper & Holly Christmas Trends 2022
Each year you guys love our new collections or stories, and it's finally time to reveal what our Christmas trends for 2022 are going to be!  
Now, when we say Christmas trends - you know us - we don't tend to follow the crowds!  We like to stand out and be different, finding you the Christmas decorations that you don't see elsewhere, with different ideas of putting them together.  That way, you know that your friends won't have their living rooms looking exactly the same as yours - how boring!
For 2022, we've switched up how we've bought and how we're going to be displaying our new collections.  Instead of choosing 2 or 3 colour collections, and featuring displays with those colours prominently displayed, we've gone back to our roots.  Choosing items that are rustic, timeless, and are completely fitting in our agricultural barn setting, complete with raw timbers, rusting metal work and lots of boughs of greenery. These pieces will look completely at home in our rustic setting.
Our set up for 2021 of the Christmas Market concept was so popular, that we've decided to run with this display for 2022, and so having items that all seamlessly fit together will be perfect. 
With this new approach, you'll be able to co-ordinate the new Christmas trends 2022 pieces, with your existing treasures and heirlooms very easily.
So, think natural materials.  Natural colours with a twist of contemporary zing.  And plenty to keep our traditionalists happy too :-)
There's still plenty of gorgeous stock to come in before we open the Christmas Barn for 2022.  But here I've pulled out some of my favourite new Christmas decorations!

Now they're not listed in any particular order.  I'm genuinely hoping I don't sell out of every single one of these items so that I can sneak each of them down to the house :-)


Collage image for Christmas trends 2022 featuring the deer head bust, the red berries arrangement and the wooden advent calendar with drawer


This first collection of images would look amazing in the most rustic country cottage, or an elegant Georgian home. 

The deer head bust is no longer available. 

If you've already visited our pumpkin patch this year, you may have noticed that the red berries arrangement has already made an appearance.  I love this tall, rustic berry arrangement, perfect for placing in a corner of a room or in a passage way.  String some battery operated lights through it for some extra sparkle.

The last image taken against the dark oak panelling is the stunning wooden advent calendar with drawers.  This is much larger than your average advent calendar with drawers that are much larger than usual, so you can fit a decent pressie in it, along with a sweetie :-)  Beautiful Scandi inspired images are painted on the drawer fronts, along with numbers.  A perfect present to grow up with your babies.


Christmas trends 2022 featuring the snow globe Christmas tree ornaments, the furry tea light candle holder and the reindeer Christmas tree decorations photographed against a black background


I found it really difficult to choose just 15 of my favourites this year, as they are all just too lovely.  And I guess you could say that the animal thang could be one of the Christmas trends for 2022 amongst many of the retailers.  It's certainly featured in some shape or form in each of these pictures, and in several of the others.

The first are these beautiful snow globe Christmas tree ornaments.  Small but mighty, they feature an all white polar bear inside, and when you shake the decoration, the snow falls all over him.  Anything snow globe is always a really popular choice amongst our customers, and these are now sold out.

The second image is a candle holder with fluffy fabric and a small metal stag head.  This is a bronze colour glass beaker that would hold a votive, possibly a small pillar candle if it's skinny!    All candle holders are really popular items at Christmas.  Great for Secret Santa's, teacher and dinner host presents, or even small raffle prizes.  Whilst we seem to have a big pile of these on the shelf, these furry tea light candle holder is another item I wouldn't be surprised to see our customers go crazy for!

Another reindeer decoration, this time for hanging on the Christmas tree!  These fluffy reindeer Christmas tree decorations have the cutest face and the fluffiest body.  Made from ceramic, these reindeer Christmas tree decorations will bring a smile to your face each year when you bring them out for Christmas.


Christmas trends 2022 collage featuring the red squirrel ornament, the grey Christmas gonk and the reindeer lying down decoration photographer against a beige stone background


The two images on the sides here could be part of their own collection.  The red squirrel ornament and the reindeer lying down are made from luxuriously embroidered fabrics, velvets and the red squirrel ornament has the softest, fluffiest tail that is softer than a kittens fur!

The stripy grey Christmas gonk is a fab decoration too.  His gorgeous velvety hat, and wired body makes him quite heavy, and so perfect for places with lots of traffic or that maybe catches the draft.  Christmas gonks are incredibly popular amongst our customers every year, and they're very likely to go crazy for him too!


Featuring the reindeer tree decorations, the floor standing gonk and the metal Christmas sleigh for Christmas trends 2022 blog post photographed against a dark green tree background


The first image of a cute reindeer head, made from cement will be a gorgeous accessory on the Christmas tree this year.  Made just as the outline, with a silver paint blob for a nose is the only discernible feature on the face.  The reindeer tree decorations antlers are made from metal wire, and are very subtle.

The middle image is our floor standing gonk for this year.  Tall, over a metre standing, he also lights up!  Gloriously velvety hat, gorgeously fluffy body, this is a Christmas gonk that when you see him you'll fall in love with him!

The last image is the metal Christmas sleigh.  Made from galvanised metal, this would look great with some potted plants in them - either real or artificial - but then again, I'd love to see this filled with quality street too (although I dread to think how many tubs you'd need!)  Equally, a gonk or a fabric Father Christmas sitting in here would look amazing.


The penguin decorations, the Christmas bells tree and the green and white wreath featuring in the Christmas trends 2022 blog post photographed against a mid grey background


And my final collection of my pick of our Christmas trends for 2022!  And if I say I've kept the best til last, I don't think I'd be fibbing!

Of all the Christmas items that's been unpacked so far, this is my favourite animal, my favourite hanger and my favourite wreath!

Whenever I pass the penguin decorations I just can't help but give him a stroke.  And you will too when you get him home.  The little one has already decided she wants him in her bedroom, and I quite fancy it on the table next to the sofa.  Too bad there's only 2 available!  

I love the Christmas bells tree - this is so unusual - and quite a large hanging piece.  An unused corner, a long window - or I'm thinking the waste of space as you come down the stairs above your head - would be perfect spaces for this impact piece.  Oh.  And now sold out.

And this lovely green and white wreath.  Pale whitewashed wood, pale eucalyptus leaves that have been glittered to give a frosted effect, and mistletoe berries.  This is an elegant statement piece, and would look wonderful in a contemporary or rustic setting.  This has now sold out.

So there you have my top tips for the Christmas trends that will get our customers excited this year.  And unfortunately, I've got another 45 boxes to unpack yet, which means temptation galore this year!  This has sold out.

Make sure you regularly check out the New In collection, and sign up to our newsletter to keep up with all the new in stock.  If you know us, you'll already know that there's limited stock availability on ALMOST all of our items, and once they're gone, they're gone!  So if you see it, and you like it, I'd recommend getting it!

Which is your favourite Christmas decoration from the new 2022 Christmas trends feature?


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