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Christmas Gonks

The thing of tradition, and ultimate Scandi rustic decoration, are Christmas gonks.

What on earth are Christmas Gonks?

If you've not come across Christmas gonks before, also known as tomte, or nisse, they originate from Scandinavia, and are cheeky troublesome chaps.  

Easily identified by their appearance, Christmas gonks are similar in appearance to our garden gnomes, but their faces are always hidden by their hats, and a big bulbous nose pokes out from underneath it.  They've captured the hearts of the British people, and have long been one of our best selling lines in the Christmas shop!

What style of Christmas gonks do you have in your Christmas shop?

We have a wide range of beautiful Christmas gonks, from those that can hang on your Christmas tree, to those that will perch nicely on your desk.  Others of our fabulous Christmas gonks will have dangly legs that hang down over the edge of a shelf, or that are tall enough to stand on the floor and be a display in their own right.  Some of the Christmas gonks will even light up in some way!

How much does it cost to have one of your different Christmas gonks delivered to my front door?

Posting out one of our Christmas gonks will depend on how much he costs.  If he's under £30, there is an extra £3.50 P&P charge.  But if he's over, or you've spent £30 or more with us, then the P&P charge is waived and you get FREE P&P!


Check out our collection of unusual Christmas gonks down below

Christmas Gonks

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