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Diamond Art

Christmas Diamond Art - the new craft craze that has been sweeping the nation!

If you like painting by numbers, cross stitch or colouring, it's highly likely that you will enjoy the therapeutic nature of Christmas diamond art.  Also know as diamond painting, the craft is applying small rhinestones or 'crystals' to a surface to create a beautiful piece of artwork at the end.

Everything that you need is in the pack already so that you can get started straight away!  This includes your craft piece, a card/purse/canvas (whichever your project is), a diamond applicator (a little like a pen), all the crystals that you need, a tray to hold the crystals in that you're working with, grip seal bags to keep your spare crystals in, and a little pad of waxy-jelly, to use with your applicator pen to get hold of the crystals.

No fancy or extra equipment is needed to get started on Christmas diamond art craft journey, which makes this a great gift to give to another.  We find that people particularly get these for tweens and teenagers, as the repetitive nature of the craft allows focus on the task, but for the mind to wander therapeutically.  

With no need to refer to a screen, these diamond art craft packs are a perfect way to switch off and unplug from technology.  Giving those eyes a rest from blue screen glare, and also getting away from draining social media platforms just allows us to shift the mindset into a more peaceful and calming place.

With Christmas designs, no matter what time of year you can get yourself started on Christmas cards by hand making them yourself, or by choosing a non Christmas diamond art design, you can hand craft something beautiful for somebody that they won't have from anywhere else!

Check out the collection of Christmas diamond art projects below.

Shipping is £4.50 if spending less than £40.  But if you spend £40, you are eligible for our free shipping offer.  Click and collect is available from Pontybat Farm during our opening hours, or by prior appointment only.

Diamond Art

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