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Christmas Lights

There's six different styles of Christmas lights for sale this year in the Christmas Barn.  LED string lights; Glow Worm Lights; Icicle Christmas Lights; LED Branch Lights; Battery Operated Lights and Firefly Christmas Lights.

LED String Lights - Warm White / Multi Colour / Cold White

The most traditional set of Christmas lights stocked in the Christmas Barn.  These Christmas lights are a long string of with 10cm spacing between the bulbs.  Suitable are for indoors and outdoors use.  These Christmas lights are set with a timer function that is on for 8 hours, off for 16.  Multi action modes with up to 8 settings.  This collection of Christmas lights has three colours to choose from in five different sizes. 

Firefly Christmas Lights - White / Cold White

These Christmas lights have a bulb spacing of 2.6cm, which makes these sets much shorter than those above.  They're suitable for indoors and outdoors use.  There isn't a timer function on any of these Christmas lights sets and are instead on permanent twinkle mode.  Two colours available in the firefly Christmas lights collection in three sizes.

Glow Worm Lights - Pastel / Holly Jolly

Brand new for 2021 and completely different from everything else that we stock! The bulb itself is much more rounded than a conventional bulb, just like a glow worms tail!  Bulb spacing every 2.5 cm and are suitable for indoors and outdoors use.  There's a timer function on these Christmas lights set for 8 hours on, 16 hours off.  These Christmas lights also have up to 8 modes on the multi action settings.  There's two different colours to choose from: pastel and holly jolly, and each colour has three different sizes available.

LED Branch Lights

Instead of being one long string, these are several strands coming down from a central electrical point.  A dewdrop style of light, which means that the micro bulb is laid into the string, and doesn't stick out like normal Christmas lights.  These Christmas lights are only suitable for indoors use.  They have a static , flashing and off mode, but no timer.  Available in one colour, and one size.

LED Icicle Christmas Lights - Warm White / Cold White

A set of Christmas lights where strands of lights dangle down appearing like icicles.    These Christmas lights are suitable for indoors and outdoors use.  There's a timer function that is 8 hours on, 16 hours off and three different snowing speeds.  There's two different colours of Christmas lights to choose from in three different sizes.

Battery Operated Lights

These vary quite widely in design, pattern, length, number of bulbs etc, so the best thing for these lights is to look up each product listing individually for the technical details.  The one thing that they do all have in common though is that none of them require electricity to work - they all run off battery power, usually AA batteries.


I've written a very in depth blog post comparing the similarities and differences of each of the sets of lights which you can view here.  It even has a table :-D

Look below for what's currently in stock.

Christmas Lights

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