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How to Tackle Buying Presents on a Gift List

How to Tackle Buying Presents on a Gift List

How to tackle buying presents on a gift list 

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Pamela. The face of Worsley Creative Services. I’m an Online Visibility Specialist and I help budding entrepreneurs to grow their businesses online. I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs to grow their small business and as part of this, I work with a range of businesses who provide bespoke and unique gifts. In this article I bring together my knowledge on all things gifting and small business, to talk to you about the fine art of gifting, how you can do it efficiently and support small businesses at the same time.

How to tackle buying presents on a gift list 

Buying the perfect gift is no easy feat. We all have friends and loved ones who can be particularly difficult to buy for and some of us can find gifting quite stressful. I’m going to make it easier for you and explain the simplest ways to tackle buying presents on a gift list.

Supporting small businesses when looking for presents on a gift list 

If you’re lucky you’ll be buying your presents from a gift list and you’ll have a fairly good idea what to buy, or you might even know exactly what the person wants. This is great and it saves you the hassle of searching for hours looking for something you think they will like. But since you know what to buy in advance there is no excuse not to put in a little extra effort to support small businesses with your gift buying. Your effort won’t be in vain because with smaller businesses you often get a more intimate and personalised customer experience than with giant corporations.

Picture showing eco-friendly, reusable bags as part of the buying presents from a gift list article


You can also shop with a clear conscience if you buy from small businesses with a sustainability focus and one really easy way to be more sustainable when buying gifts is to avoid plastic bags!

Instead, go for something like these Elephant tote bags.

If you’re looking for presents and you have a gift list, stick to it! 

Monogrammed notebook showing how even a present from a gift list can be elevated

Don’t feel like you’re being boring for sticking to their list. If it’s on there, it is obviously something they want. Sometimes it is better to play it safe. This doesn’t mean it can’t be special or unique to them. If the person you are buying a gift for has a hobby or interests that you are aware of, try and look for a gift to do with that. For example, you might treat a little one with a passion for baking to a personalised baking set. If your gift is personal but also something related to the person’s hobby, then you’re ticking all the boxes for a great gift that is sure to be appreciated.

But don’t get stressed out if this isn’t an option, even an ordinary household item that your loved one will use everyday can be a great gift. For example, if your gift is for a little girl and you know they have been asking for a new hairbrush, you could get them a lovely personalised children’s hair brush! For a personalised everyday object to gift to an adult, try these 100% Vegan Personalised Weekender Garment Bags. Alternatively, you could go all out and get your loved one something really personal and heartfelt like an Illustrated Family Portrait featuring their nearest and dearest. This way you’ll put a smile on their face every time they look at your gift.

There are some other great ideas on how to use handwriting in your gift giving here, which would tie in really nicely with the idea of personalising presents from a gift list, or for using everyday household items as present ideas.


If you don’t have a gift list, try mixing it up! 

Sometimes when you get to know what someone likes it can be easy to just buy them the same gift or something similar each year. But it can be nice to mix it up and surprise someone with something a bit different. Something that they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. One thing that never fails is giving an edible gift, everyone loves a tasty treat! If you think you’re loved one would appreciate a food themed gift and you’d like to source it from a local business, try these Raw Roasted Almond Cacao Bars for something delicious and sustainable!

Artisan chocolate if no gift list for presents is given

Another great way to give someone a nice surprise is with any kind of luxury gift. Something indulgent or even just a high-end luxurious version of an everyday product like candles or bathing products.

Ethical bathing products if there's no gift list to buy presents from

Speaking of which, if you know someone who would love some luxury bathing products, gifting them one of Awesome Botanical’s handcrafted botanical bath soaks provides the perfect excuse for them to relax and pamper. They deserve it! Alternatively, if you know you’re loved one likes a bathbomb, they’ll love this indulgent Lavender & Bergamot Relaxation Bath Bomb. If your loved one doesn’t need anything bath related, indulgent skin care products are always appreciated. This Berry & Bloom Face Oil is delightful and sustainable, perfect for anyone who likes to take care of their skin and the environment at the same time. If you've decided to go for the luxury bathing products route then why not give them the complete home pamper experience. This leopard print letter box spa pamper set is the perfect companion to any luxury bathing product.

When in doubt, gift something beautiful 

If no gift list and in doubt, gift something beautiful like a luxury scented candle

If you really have no idea what gift to buy someone and you don’t have a list to guide you, just go for something that is nice to look at! Anything that is beautiful, of a high quality and that will last a long time is sure to be appreciated. The most obvious option here would be jewellery. Jewellery is an especially good gift for women, however make sure that you have a good understanding of that person’s taste in jewellery before you buy anything as people can have quite particular tastes. If your loved one is into beads and bright colours, these Multi-Layered Beaded Necklaces from Jewelled Buddha are bound to bring a smile to their face. If your loved one already has a few nice necklaces then try this gorgeous Ocean Sea Glass Silver Ring. A beautiful gift should also be beautifully wrapped, this eco friendly Floral Fusion gift wrap is perfect for wrapping any girly gifts.

When buying presents on a gift list, do your best to shop local 

I hope I’ve been able to ease the burden of gift buying for you with this blog post full of gift buying tips. I also hope that I’ve been able to shine a light on the importance of shopping locally wherever possible when buying presents from a gift list. When you buy gifts locally, not only are they less likely to already be owned by your recipient, but they are also likely to be made of more sustainable materials and with more sustainable methods. Plus, when you buy from a small business, you are helping the small business owner to put food on their table, rather than helping a multi-million or billion pound corporation.

So when it comes to buying presents on a gift list, support your local communities instead of huge corporations, support traditional and local cultural practices and remember that you are always a more valued customer to a local/small business!

More about the author

The author of the Buying Presents from a Gift List blog post - Pamela Rae-Welsh

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Pamela. The face of Worsley Creative Services. I’m an Online Visibility Specialist and I help budding entrepreneurs to grow their businesses online. I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs to grow their small business, so if you’re an entrepreneur and you would like to grow your business online I’d be delighted to help! Whether you would like to learn how you can boost your online visibility or are looking for more hands on support with SEO management, I can help your online business to get the attention it deserves.


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