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Different Ways To Countdown Through Advent

Different Ways To Countdown Through Advent

December 1st!  Is there anything more exciting when you're a kid? (Apart from Christmas Day of course!)  But counting down advent when you're an adult just isn't quite the same, is it?  Those chocolate calendars don't have quite the same appeal.  But actually, maybe re-introducing advent countdown isn't such a bad idea - let's help ourselves recapture some of that magic from our youth.

Using advent countdowns for advent

Counting down to advent with a countdown

It seems a little silly having advent countdowns, when the calendars help you count down!  But, in this instance, it's having something that isn't used to house presents of some kind!  These might take the form of rulers, number blocks or even decorations.  And they don't need to cost a lot of money either - the concept of the countdown in the middle is mini decorations that can be hung on some branches - if you're crafty, you'll be able to come up with some excellent ideas for advent countdowns!

Advent countdown like a ruler with a metal star on top  Advent countdown decorations to go on a tree or branches

  Wooden advent countdown with number blocks and a scene

Calendars to Countdown to Advent

Counting down to advent with a self fill calendar like this with wooden drawers

The chocolate filled calendars were just the height of advent countdown!  Especially if you were one of those kids that had several bought for you from grandparents and aunties!  But let's face it, they don't really have the same appeal for adults though, do they?  But for the last 10 years, there's been an explosion of different variations on the advent calendar for adults on the market.  Gin, beer, make up, you can spend upwards of £100 very easily.  But doing them yourself means you can personalise the calendar to your specific lifestyle.  Think your favourite chocolatier, or just some little gifts to bring a smile to the recipient.  I came across last year one that focused more on activities to have a go at, just little things to help us reconnect to the festive season, rather than get caught up in the whirlwind that can often happen at this time of year.  Activities just to help unwind and recapture the magic a little more.
Self fill Scandi inspired advent calendar bunting     Wooden advent calendar with self fill drawers

 Advent Candles to Countdown

Image of advent candle burning in a darkened background

These are candles that have the days of December down the side, and for each night you burn through that number.  These are something that take me back to my childhood.  The weekend before December 1st, my mum would make a table centrepiece with greenery from the garden, some red carnations, with one of these in the middle.  every night then at dinner, we'd light the advent candle and burn it until the date had disappeared.

Sadly we don't currently sell advent candles, but keep an eye out for one, and give this method a go if it appeals to you!


Countdown to advent - advent card

A very traditional style of advent calendar that predates the chocolate tray one!  Where you open the door, and instead of a chocolate behind the window there's a little picture. 

These are quite difficult to come by, but if you do these make great presents for somebody who's older or non-materialist.  And of course, they're easy to post for those that live away!

Way 5 - countdown to advent - advent wreath

Using an advent wreath to countdown to advent

An advent wreath isn't something that we do much in this country, it's celebrated more on the continent. Maybe this is due to the decline in practising Christianity in this country?  But with an advent calendar, it's the lighting of a candle for each of the four Sundays preceding Christmas.  Each candle represents a different virtue that Jesus stands for, including Joy, Love, Peace and Hope.  Religion aside, I think this is a lovely way of being thankful, following on from the American Thanksgiving, where we can contemplate and be grateful for the joy, love, peace and hope in our lives.


So there we have some different ideas on how to countdown to advent.  Will you give one of these a try this year?  Or are there any others that you do that's not been included?

With just a little imagination, you can start your favourite new tradition and get back on track to recapturing some of the Christmas magic from your childhood.

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