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Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas

The stocking stuffers.  If I'm honest, the bane of my life.  Trying to work out some unusual and unique stocking stuffer ideas, how to wrap them, and then where to hide them away from prying eyes so that the 'big secret' isn't spoiled.  (My daughter is still a believer)

To keep yourself on track though, the first thing you'd benefit from doing, is just quickly work out how many items you actually need.  You want enough to make the stocking or sack look full, but not so many that they are overflowing on to the floor.

Take an average size stocking or sack for your household, and just grab a couple of handfuls of items that may resemble what you'd normally put in there.  But don't fill the stocking to stuffed, as you won't get quite so many stuffers in there when they've got wrapping paper on (if you wrap them).

For example, I know that each stocking in my household holds up to 20 stuffers, depending on how big they are.  I may look for 2-3 large (as in a book size) stuffers, 5 medium (like a mug size) stuffers, and then the rest (approximately 10) would be small items. 

Knitted socks hanging on the wall, as part of the unique stocking stuffers idea article

Make a note on your stocking stuffer list from the mini planner and jot down numbers from 1 - X down the list.   This way, you'll know when you've got enough for each one, and can stop buying.

As I pick bits up, I store them wrapped in an old bed sheet in a plastic carrier bag, the name written on the inside of the bag in permanent marker.  I hope that a plastic bag is uninviting for prying eyes, but even if they do peek in, there's nothing to see but an old sheet.  Sometimes I wait until the buying is complete before I wrap, and sometimes I wrap as I go.  Whichever I do, they're ready in plenty of time for Christmas Eve night.

Below are over 100 unique stocking stuffer ideas, that could cater for all ages, male or female, with a variety of interests.  All you need to do is to jot down the ones that you feel might work for members of your family.

I've listed ideas in no particular order, but they are listed by size.  This way, you could easily pick some unique stocking stuffer ideas to suit which sizes you need, and who you need to buy for.  Some of these ideas may appear in a couple of sized areas, just because you could get different sizes, from sample pots to full size pots for example.

Small Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas

These are the stocking stuffers that can fill up little gaps.  This could be a great opportunity to try something new, like a shampoo bar, or to give something that you know will be used lots, like lip balm.  If there's several people that you buy for who would use similar items, don't be afraid to buy a pack and split them up.  For example buying a pack of 3 nail varnishes, and splitting between 3 girls, could be a more efficient option than buying 3 separate colours.  And look for items that are beautiful.  Single flavoured teabags might be an odd choice, but with independent brands, the artwork on the packets make this a very unique stocking stuffer idea.  The same with single biscuits.  The decorated biscuits particularly, are an artwork that I definitely would like to receive!

Small presents wrapped as part of the Unique stocking stuffer ideas article

You may find that with a little bit of time, planning and thought, some of these are items you could possibly make too.

Keyring Key torch Mini sparklers Ring
Glasses chain Small jug Small ball Mini toy car/animal
Soap bar Shampoo bar Crayons Reusable ice cubes
Tea lights Pretty plasters Votive candle Garden veg bed tags
Fruit Mini notepad Lanyard Single flavour teabags
Nail varnish Pack of seeds Dibber Pack single biscuits
Hair clips Lip balm Hair bow Christmas decoration
Nail file Fountain Pen ink Scrunchies Hot chocolate sachet
Mini diary Erasable pens Mini bunting Cocktail umbrellas
Battery lights Timer Cupcake cases Hot chocolate spoon
Washi tape Fat balls for birds Erasers Novelty push pins
Pack of cards Stick deodorant Jigger Mini craft kit
Lip salve Hair bobbles Lego polybag Pretty cupcake cases
Lipstick Shot glass Seed bombs Small bag of bird food
Mini photo album Eyeshadow Cleanser Detangling mist
Measuring glass Toothbrush Hair bands Make up remover pad
Toothpaste Small bag sweets Stickers Small pack of tissues
Ear phones Small spirit bottle Reusable bag Single chocolate
Pillow mist Badges Face mask Tea Infuser


Medium Size Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas

These are the items that are a little bit bigger, maybe up to a mug size.  These can be a great way of bulking up the stocking, so that you don't need so many smaller items.

As with the smaller unique stocking stuffer ideas, some of these everyday products could be an opportunity to try something different.  And look for unusually packaged pieces too, to make them feel more like an extra special gift if buying for adults.  Try removing items from boxes, such as pencils, and packaging them differently like tying them up with a piece of string, if they will fit into the stocking easier, and look more expensive!.  And of course, like above, don't be afraid to split down packets to share between stockings.

Medium size presents wrapped for the unique stocking stuffer ideas article

Family bag sweets
Hand cream
Box flavoured teabags
Make up brushes Necklace Bubble wand Pot of spice mixes
Can of pop Sponge Tea towel Nail varnish remover
Craft kit Hair wrap Diary-up to A5 Magnetic note pad
Bracelet Colouring book Juggling balls Gloves
Head massager Bath soak Note-lets Wooden massager
Reed diffuser Moisturiser Room spray Flavoured coffee
Glasses case Beeswax wrap Flannel Cotton reusable pads
Small panettone Notepad Travel games Coloured pencils
Small bag coffee Brush Lead pencils Bar of chocolate
Shampoo Conditioner Tonic water Magnetic to do list pad
Snack pack - jerky Unusual cordial Pack of Pens Nail cream
Beard cream Water bottle Bra/vest tops Flavoured vinegars
Box of tissues Pencil case Puzzle book Novelty onion glasses
Boxer shorts Flavoured salts Deodorant Cuticle cream
Flavoured oils Wall plaque Socks CD
Bath salts Knickers Mug Face cream
Glass Stickers Egg cup Frame & picture


Large Unique Stocking Stuffed Ideas

Unless you have a Christmas sack, there may only be one or two of these in a stocking, if at all.  This could be a great opportunity to personalise something such as a desk diary with initials.  All of these could also make great presents.

Material scarf Colouring book Ball Flavoured coffee
Travel mug Craft kit Notepad Individual Xmas cake
Bag of coffee Desk diary Snack pack Bag of chocolate
Desk to do list pad Magazine To do list pad Flavoured vinegars
Wall plaque Flavoured salts Bubble bath Puzzle book
Flavoured oils DVD Book Pint mug


Hopefully, you've got an idea of how many stocking stuffers you need, have made a note from this list of over 100 unique stocking stuffer ideas for members of your family, and have a shopping/making list that isn't overwhelming.

Stockings on the wall, for the unique stocking stuffer ideas article

Give yourself enough time for wrapping and keep each person's items together labelled, and you've made it much easier for yourself on Christmas Eve.

Let me know in the comments below if there's something that you like to put in stockings that hasn't been mentioned here, and I can update the list for our other readers.

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