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Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

5 Ways To Up-Level Your Gift Wrapping - While Keeping It Eco-Friendly

We all know by now the effect that our Christmas gift wrap has on our planet. From the millions of rolls of unrecyclable gift wrap sold in cellophane to the glitter and coatings on our cards and paper.

None of this does planet earth any good!

The good news is that there are some wonderfully creative ways to wow with your gift wrap, while being kinder to the planet. 

Below I've highlighted just five different ideas for eco-friendly gift wrapping, and hopefully, this will inspire you to be creative this Christmas.

Eco-friendly Gift Wrap Idea #1 - Get Krafty

Showing eco friendly gift wrapping idea of using kraft paper.  Hands are tying up a piece of jute string on a present

These days you will find rolls of kraft paper in most shops, it is often cheaper than more traditional wrapping paper and while on its own it may look a little dull, it is very easy to beautify some simple kraft paper. What's more, you can use brown paper tape instead of sellotape (just check you get a recyclable one).

Choose some ribbon (we love jute) to tie around your gift, add a gift tag and get creative with your calligraphy. This on its own will look simplistic and natural, though if more is more for you, add some festive foliage to the ribbon.  Great eco-friendly gift wrap accessories include cinnamon sticks, dehydrated orange slices or some mistletoe making very pretty additions.

Idea #2 - Reusable Gift Wrap - the ultimate eco-friendly gift wrapping idea!

Using re-usable gift wrapping is one of the great eco-friendly wrapping ideas in this blog post - this picture shows 3 presents wrapped using pretty printed material

There are some wonderful reusable gift wraps available now. If you buy gifts for the same people every year, each person could have their own design of gift wrap to return to you to reuse, or to regift to someone else.  Just make sure that they will reuse or regift too!

Our favourite? Wrag Wrap. I have been using their wrap for years and it still looks like new. My children recognise their gifts under the tree by their eco-friendly gift wrap.

Idea #3 - Furoshiki 

The art of furoshiki - presents tied in a particular way using cloth - a lovely eco friendly gift wrapping idea to use up scraps around your house

If you have a little more time, I couldn’t write about ideas for eco-friendly gift wrapping without mentioning Furoshiki, the art of Japanese gift wrapping where a square piece of cloth or fabric is used for gift wrapping in an elegant and decorative design.

There are some lovely Furoshiki tutorials on YouTube. You can use scraps of fabric that you have around the house, alternatively, PriPri have some beautiful Furoshiki options made out of upcycled Saris.

Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping Idea #4 - Reusable Gift Tags

Using reusable gift tags like these ceramic ones are a great eco friendly gift wrapping idea - almost a two-in-one present!

There are some beautiful gift tags available now from many makers in the UK. I love these clay tags by Moon and Mountains Clay Designs, which work wonderfully for both a scandi Christmas decoration for the tree, as well as a way for your loved ones to identify their gifts under the tree.

Idea #5 - Get the Little Ones Involved

The best family experiences include the young ones feeling part of the grown up world!  An eco friendly gift wrapping idea is to get the kids to decorate the paper for you! Picture shows male and child stamping kraft paper with potatoes

Let them release their creativity, this would work really well on kraft paper.  Invest in some Christmas stamps which can be used year after year or try your hand at leaf printing, this can have a lovely effect and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that this eco-friendly gift wrapping idea is completely unique. Choose green and red colours to print onto the paper to keep with the festive spirit


I hope you find some inspiration in this post for simple, yet beautiful ways to up-level your gift wrap sustainably, and helping your presents be the ones that are just too beautiful to open!


About the author

Picture of the author Zoe Roberts from Out of the Box gifts

Zoe Roberts runs Out of the Box Gifts, an eco-friendly gift box shop with a focus on wellbeing, and all of the gift wrap that she uses is either compostable or recyclable. You can find her at www.outoftheboxgifts.co.uk on Instagram at Instagram.com/out.of.the.box.gifts or on Facebook at facebook.com/ootbgifts.


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