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Autumn Home Decor - 5 Ways to Bring Autumn In To Your Home

Autumn Home Decor - 5 Ways to Bring Autumn In To Your Home

Updated 21 September

Autumn Home Decor - 5 Ways to Bring Autumn In to Your Home

September through to November is such a beautiful, colour-rich time of the year, with nature putting on it’s best displays for us to enjoy.  What better chance will you get for your autumn home decor inspiration, than what you see outside on your afternoon walk?  Below, I’ve given you 5 different ways of bringing the autumn life into your country home.

1. Put an Autumn wreath on your front door

OK, ok, so technically this isn’t inside your home, but who’s quibbling?  Set the tone each day when you come home after work, and see those cheery oranges and yellows on your front door sure to put a smile on your face, and that’ll welcome your visitors.  You’ll be setting the trend, and watch next year as your friends copy your idea!  Pop in a couple of pumpkin picks as a nod to    Halloween, and then swap out for your Christmas wreath when the weather turns colder.  Check out the autumn homewares collection page for more ideas!

2. Pumpkins style

Picture of 2 un carved pumpkins placed on a windowsill.  Ideas for bringing autumn home decor into your decorating

Who said that pumpkins can only be carved for Halloween?  There are so many varieties available these days from farmers’ markets, or pumpkin farms that you can create a simple but stunning collection.  Use in place of a couple of ornaments on a window display, in a bowl on the table, or sitting next to a collection of candles for a seasonal nod and an interesting decor twist.  Check out our pumpkin decorations here

3.  Get those candles out!

Candles in hurricane lamps with berries and acorns in the bases.  Ideas for autumn home decor

The soft light of autumn has a gentle glow that can easily be replicated through candles on a dark, stormy evening.  Let your mind unwind, put your feet up and relax reading a book next to the fireplace with some candles flickering next to you.  Use autumn colours of oranges, golds, browns and yellow, always keeping them in a holder for safety reasons, or place some ivory church candles into a shallow saucer plate, and surround with pine cones, acorns, nuts or berries.

4. Use autumn foliage instead of flowers

Picture of dying flowerhead to show structural elements.  Picture showing idea of bringing inside autumn home decor           Picture of cow parsley seeds showing autumn home decor ideas

So, it’s kinda obvious using autumn colour flowers, bright cheery dahlias, sunflowers and chrysanthemums all have beautiful rusty yellows, but seed heads of alliums, hydrangea, and even roadside weeds such as cow parsley have a structural beauty when the flowers have gone that is striking in a display.  Treat the same as lilies, and just have 2-3 heads in a tall vase for impact.  Alternatively use brown ferns in amongst flowers for a full display that will last ages.

5.  Fairy lights

Picture of fairy lights on flooring reflecting the light.  Ideas for autumn home decor, and capturing the soft glow of evening sunlight

These should just be in your house.  All year round.  End of conversation.  Forget it being a student digs accessory, this is the easiest and simplest way of creating romantic atmosphere, and calming environment, by the soft twinkling of fairy light.  I have sets of these wound round my beams on the ceiling, but they look just as good wound up in a goldfish bowl around some cones or balls, draped over logs in a non working fireplace, intertwined amongst a plant, along your curtain poles, or even just slithering along the shelf in amongst your photos.  Use battery operated lights for places not close to an electric source to brighten up a corner in your room.  Once you’ve done this, you’ll never not have fairy lights in your home again!  Click here to see our collection of fairy lights available on the website.


So there you have it, 5 super simple ways to bring autumn inspiration into your home decor, using items that you probably already have tucked away, or that you can forage for when walking your dog.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures and shapes.  If it works well in nature, it’ll definitely work well for you!  Check out our autumn decorations collection page to easily update your home decor to cosy up your home for autumn!


Pinterest image of 5 Ways to decorate your autumn home for autumn home decor

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