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Our Favourite Autumn and Halloween Decorations

Our Favourite Autumn and Halloween Decorations

Updated 27 September 2023


Hooray!  It's finally here, and with the turning of the weather these last few days, and the launch of the new Autumn collection, what better time than to give a round up of our favourite Autumn and Halloween decorations!

Our favourite Autumn and Halloween Decorations

So let's start off with cosying up our homes for Autumn, and the round up of best homeware Autumn and Halloween decorations!

Our Favourite Autumn Foliage UK Stems

Favourite autumn foliage stems arranged around the bottom of a wooden candlestick, with a small bowl of acorns and pinecones to the side        


I've been experimenting over the last few days with our faux foliage stems, and coming up with my own variety!  And this foliage bunch pictured here is one such creation.  Made up of the oak leaf branch, the mossy branch, the artificial green pumpkin, mini hypericum berriesautumn leaves branch and the faux eucalyptus stem, this is a compact and full looking arrangement.  All taped together with florists tape, and with a flat back so that it can lie down easily, this takes a little time, but you can make small arrangements for exactly where you need them.  


Our Favourite 3 Halloween Decorations

 Top 3 halloween decorations from this years halloween decorations collection includes the witches black cats sitting on a broomstick decoration, a set of 6 skull shaped shot glasses and a black cat tree ornament.  All nestled in amongst some green oak leaves and shot against a dark oak wood background

One of our favourites this season in the Autumn and Halloween decorations collections is, on the left hand side, this set of 6 skull shaped shot glasses.  These would look the part filled with a deep red liqueur!  Made from resin, with glass inner shot glasses, this also has a plate on which to sit the shot glasses when not in use.

The second favourite in the Halloween decorations collection is this oh-so-cute black cat tree ornament, sitting above the shot glasses next to the green pumpkin.  We can't own a witches black cat ourselves and not have a black cat as one of our faves :-) 

And the third most popular Autumn and Halloween decoration from out of the halloween decorations collection is the witches black cats decoration.  Clambering over a broomstick, several black kittens are having great fun.  This could sit quite happily on its own on a shelf, or have just a few dried leaves around the bottom of the ornament to give it a little extra touch. 

Our Most Liked Autumn Decorations

a copper pot with rose, eucalyptus leaves and accompanied by a brown and white straw pumpkin and a small fabric orange pumpkin     



A subtle autumn collection features in this rather lovely display in a stone alcove, although I'm afraid the lovely copper jug is not for sale!  

The autumn foliage display in the copper pot on the left hand side, is made up of the artificial rose stems which has been cut off to the same length as the pot using wire snips, and a sprig taken from the gold touch eucalyptus leaves.  These eucalyptus branches split into about 3 pieces, which gives pieces for other areas, or to create a very full smaller arrangement.

In the middle is the second choice Autumn and Halloween decoration that we love, and I think is going to be another best seller.  The beautiful nod to autumn with a pumpkin which is not fashioned in the usual autumnal colours.  The pumpkin decor featured here is made up of brown and natural rope, or straw maybe, which has been wound round.  A beautiful piece that will last for years to come.

The third piece is a bestseller for years.  Currently available in three colours, although there are new colours being introduced for 2024, these fabric pumpkin decor pieces are cute, versatile, can be piled up or just have one on its own, and are inexpensive too :-)

And of course, the last of the Autumn and Halloween decorations round up comes from our ...


Our Most Loved from the Pumpkin Decorations Collection

Collection of blush pink and white pumpkins on a shelf with a black painted background


And so, being a pick your own pumpkin patch, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that last year almost ALL of our pumpkin decorations were best sellers with you guys.  And not just the fresh ones either - although you bought  the unusual home grown gourds like they were the new kid on the block!  So this year we've gone bigger (and in our opinion, better) with the pumpkins.  There's loads of different sized pumpkin decorations available in the shop, from large to teeny-tiny, and these are our favourites.

First up is the blush pink form the fabric pumpkins collection.  These are very cute, and avaialble in three different colours, including burgundy and black.  Lots of texture to these pumpkins, they look like they've been made using the crafting technique of 'ragging'.  Not very expensive either, we're expecting these to be top sellers.

The next couple of little ones are the metallic pumpkins.  Available in both gold and silver, there's two different designs for each colour, and I've gone with the silver colour here.  Coupled with pink, it adds a really fresh and contemporary feel to autumn.

And nestled to the side is another of our fabric pumpkin decor pieces,  in white.  These are absolutely lovely.  Timeless and elegant, definitely one of those decorations you'll pull out every year.

To the very front of the shelf, are our acorn decorations, of which the white ones have been picked out.  This incredibly versatile box of acorns and pinecones have been used through out several of our autumnal photographs this year, and there's definitely one box less on the shelves than what came in on the delivery ;-)

Round up of our top Autumn and Halloween Decorations

Three top choices from each of our autumn collections, including: Autumn decorations; Halloween decorations; Autumn homewares; Pumpkin decorations, and Autumn foliage UK

So, do you agree with this list?  Is there something that's caught your eye on the website or in the shop that hasn't made it to this list?  

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