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Our Favourite Autumn and Halloween Decorations for 2021

Our Favourite Autumn and Halloween Decorations for 2021

Hooray!  It's finally here, and with the turning of the weather these last few days, and the pumpkin patch now open, what better time than to give a round up of yours (and our!) favourite Autumn and Halloween decorations!

Our favourite Autumn and Halloween Decorations

So let's start off with cosying up our homes for Autumn, and the round up of best homeware Autumn and Halloween decorations!

Our 3 Favourite Autumn Homewares pieces

      Wildlife Fleece Throw          Autumn Leaf Wreath on door of truck   Autumn Garland

Number 1 in our Autumn and Halloween decorations favourites this year is this snuggly wildlife fleece throw.  Inspired by nature, this gorgeous colour terracotta wildlife fleece throw is a great one for laying on the arm of the sofa in front of the fire.  Covered in motifs of the fox, hare and stag, as well as lots of autumn inspired foliage, this is a fab one from the autumn homewares collection for getting in this year!

Number 2 in Autumn homewares is this unusual autumn leaf wreath.  This is autumn inspired foliage at different stages fo turn, including skeleton leaves.  made from UV coated plastic and vine, this is a great one for hanging on the front door even in the harshest of conditions.  The coating also has the benefit of the colours not fading, so this can come out every year.  For years.  Will this be one of your new favourite Autumn and Halloween decorations?

And last but not least, is our number 3 in the Autumn homewares collection, the Autumn Garland.  I love how easy laying a garland makes such an impact in your home, whether at Easter, Autumn or Christmas.  And I really think that we should use them far more often than we do.  It's also a really good base for laying all of your gorgeous Autumn and Halloween decorations nestled within too, simply sit them within the garland, and fluff the leaves around for a super looking display.

Your Top 3 Favourite Autumn Foliage UK Stems

           Single branch of Autumn oak decor being held in hand    Link to the product Oak Leaf Branch  Picture of the autumn oak leaves in the autumn foliage uk collection

YOUR favourite stem in our Autumn foliage uk collection this year has been this very full Oak Leaf Decor stem.  Another great item for nestling your Autumn and Halloween decorations into, this has got oak leaves, berries, and even a couple of flowers amongst the foliage.  In those gorgeous cheery Autumn colours, this can either sit in a vase where you'd only need one stem, or lay flat on a surface with a couple of gorgeous Autumn and Halloween decorations nestled in.

Your number two favourite has been this gorgeous natural coloured silk oak leaf branch.  This lays nicely in between two pumpkins, adding a spot of texture and fullness to the display.  With the colour palette being browns and greens, and with added acorns and a fir cone, this adds great interest and depth and makes for an easy pumpkin display.  You could, of course use some pumpkin decorations here, or fresh pumpkins, and if you chose to just add one or tow of your favourite Autumn and Halloween decorations too.

And your go-to pick-me-up Autumn and Halloween decoration has been this autumn oak leaves stem these last few days.  At just £4.50, and one of the smallest stem lengths in this seasons autumn foliage uk collection, these fit into most bud vases, or small pots, and with just one or two, you can add some foliage interest on your sideboard, that will last all season without any mess!

Your Favourite 3 Halloween Decorations

       Pumpkin Tea Light Candle Holder image with straw and pumpkins    Mouse on broomstick halloween decoration in hand  Ceramic light up jar Halloween decoration

One of your favourites this season in the Autumn and Halloween decorations collections has been this pumpkin tea light candle holder.  With a sweet, but spooky face, his face will light up when a tea light is lit inside him.  Use an autumn scented candle for extra autumn vibes on a cosy-up evening, or use as your favourite Halloween decoration for a spooky dinner on Halloween!

The second favourite in the Halloween decorations collection is this oh-so-cute mouse tree decoration.  It was your favourite last year, we brought it back, and it's shaping up to be your favourite again this year!  And I'll let you in on a secret...this is my favourite Autumn and Halloween decoration in the whole shop :-)  A cute brushwood mouse holding a broomstick and wearing a witch's hat.  This is just too cute :-)

And the third most popular Autumn and Halloween decoration from out of the halloween decorations collection is the ceramic light up jar Halloween decoration.  These have a little battery unit underneath that when is switched on, the spooky Halloween jar lights up.  This is cute, a little bit quirky, and definitely not something that you see everywhere!  Once the battery is finished, using a small screwdriver, you can replace it, and I'm not 100% sure, but it looks like one of those small watch batteries.

Your Most Popular Autumn Decorations

Dark orange and white mushroom decoration on shelf  Dark orange and white mushroom Autumn decorations   Im age of our owl tree decoration from the autumn decorations collection flying on a tree branch

The first item in the Autumn decorations collection is the dark orange and white mushroom.  This particular one is the larger of the two, and a slightly deeper orange - but I reckon that they would both look cool with a small handful of loose bark chips and a couple of cones in between.  A small window display that would look like the fae folk actually lived there!  

The second of the Autumn and Halloween decorations that you guys have loved since we opened is another type of mushroom, but this one is of the dark orange and white mushroom collection.  There are 3 sizes of these altogether, and this image link takes you to the medium size, but there's also a smaller and larger available.  These don't stand up on their own, but I reckon they look great either artfully leaning up against a pumpkin or two like in the image, or thrown in a bowl with some fruit, or some cones and acorns.

The third favourite has been the flying owl tree decoration.  He's particularly unusual, and whilst it might say 'tree' in the description, you can hang him on your cupboard knob, door handle, or even on a pot plant.  For an autumn and Halloween decoration, for something so natural and beautiful, when you think about it, he is a little bit spooky, flying silently through the air at night all in white....

And of course, the last of the Autumn and Halloween decorations round up comes from our ...

Your Most Loved from the Pumpkin Decorations Collection


And so, being a pick your own pumpkin patch, I guess I shouldn't be surprised when almost ALL of our pumpkin decorations have been winners with you guys this season.  And not just the fresh ones either - although you've been buying the unusual home grown gourds like they're the new kid on the block!  These various velvet and fabric covered pumpkins have really taken hold of your imagination.  There's loads of different sized pumpkin decorations available in the shop, from large to teeny-tiny, and these are the top 3 sellers from this last week or so.

First up are these fabric pumpkin decor pieces.  The smallest that we have, in 2 stunning colours now, the white has sold out.  Many of you are picking up one of each colour, and they look great altogether.  In bright pillar box red and cheery orange, there's not all that many left, so check them out if you love these! 

This next image is my favourite - a mid size pumpkin out of what we're selling size wise - and also covered in velvet.  But not just the one shade of orange.  Look closely at the picture and you'll see that there's three different shades of orange, following the stripe effect of a pumpkin.  It's a really attractive autumn pumpkin decorations piece.

And lastly, you guys have been going mad for our large velvet pumpkin decor pieces.  Not quite as small as the first pumpkin decorations image, and these are hard to the touch, rather than squishy.  Available in only two colours now, orange and burgundy, I really can't decide between them and think they look wonderful together.  I think these might be in my top 3 favourite Autumn and Halloween decorations!

Round up of our top Autumn and Halloween Decorations

Three top choices from each of our autumn collections, including: Autumn decorations; Halloween decorations; Autumn homewares; Pumpkin decorations, and Autumn foliage UK. 

So, do you agree with this list?  Is there something that's caught your eye on the website or in the shop that hasn't made it to this list?  And will it be the same after next weekend?  Check back next week, and see if the line up has changed!



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