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Autumn Home Decor - 5 Easy Decorating Ideas For Autumn

Autumn Home Decor - 5 Easy Decorating Ideas For Autumn

5 Easy Autumn Decorating Ideas


One thing I noticed a lot of you saying when we’ve been talking in the Autumn shop is how you're so used to decorating for Christmas, and have got that decorating down, but you don't really know what you can do for the other holidays and seasons, like Autumn.

So, I thought that I’d jot down here 5 easy Autumn decorating ideas that are super simple for your home.  No skill or creative talent necessary!

Make a Branch Tree

5 Easy Decorating Ideas for Autumn include making a branch tree

It’s a little too early for most people to dust off their Christmas trees.  Yet there’s so many fab decorations that really shouldn’t be confined to just the Christmas tree.  With the growing interest in unusual autumn home decor, hanging a few pretty decorations is one of the easy Autumn decorating ideas.

But what can you hang those decorations on?  The answer to this and the first of the Autumn decorating ideas is a branch tree.  It really is as simple as the name suggests.  Gather up some small branches from a walk or from the garden, and tie them tightly together with some string around the bough. 

Then, find yourself a vase/pot that you can put them in and which won’t topple over.  Fill the vase with stones/cones/paper - something which will keep the branches standing up in place rigidly. 

And there you have it.  A branch tree that can stay out all year round.  Pop in some Autumn foliage.  Add a couple of spooky decorations at the end of October for Halloween.  Come the beginning of December, add in a couple of baubles.  Move forward to Valentines with some hearts, eggs for Easter and some strips of brightly coloured ribbon tied to the branches for summer.

The great thing about a branch tree, is that if any of the branches become brittle, you can easily replace them.  All you need to do is get yourself new branches from the garden, and start over again!

Use pumpkins as vases

5 Easy Decorating ideas for Autumn including using pumpkins as a vase

Once you cut open a pumpkin, you only have around a week before it starts to decompose.  But using pumpkins as vases is the second of our Autumn decorating ideas.  Particularly nice if you’re having people over (or Zooming with them).   An autumn floral display in a pumpkin could be done a day or so beforehand. 

Cut the top off your pumpkin, and hollow it out by removing the seeds.  Put a glass bowl or glass/vase inside and you have a pumpkin vase for your flower display.  You can buy flowers from anywhere, just choose autumnal colours, and you can quite often buy them ready displayed.  Merely cut the stalks down to the right size to fit your pumpkin vase, add water, flower food and voila!  Some people say that to help a pumpkin last longer, you can either wash it in bleach, or you can rub the insides with vaseline, or other petroleum jelly.   I'm afraid I haven't tried either of these so feel unable to recommend either.  We like to either eat our pumpkins, or feed them to our animals or the wildlife, and using these items doesn't allow us to be able to do that! But if you've another tip you use, let us know and we can tell other people!

Display pumpkins in a bowl

5 Easy Decorating Ideas for Autumn include piling pumpkins high in a bowl, and adding in a couple of fir cones

Tip number three for your autumn decorating ideas is to pile ‘em high in a bowl.  With no bumps or bruises on them, pumpkins will last for months.  So pile them high in a fruit bowl, add a couple of small foliage picks or fir cones, and you have a beautiful cheery display.  You’ve also got them there to cook, so take one every couple of weeks for dinner.  Add a handful of pine cones to fill the gap left.  Once 2 or 3 pumpkins have gone, add in a couple of church candles to turn it into more of a candle display.  By the time the end of November is here, the pumpkins will have been eaten, and you’ll be ready to change the table centrepiece ready for Christmas!

Create an imitation garland display

5 Easy Decorating Ideas for Autumn include imitating a garland using artificial foliage along a shelf

You don’t necessarily need a garland to make a display along a mantelpiece.  So number 4 of the Autumn decorating ideas shows you how to imitate a garland.   This would work for decorating along the top of a piano, mantelpiece or along a shelf.

In this picture, I’ve used 2 artificial foliage branches which I have placed on their side, facing opposite each other.   I've then just added in a couple of artificial berry picks, some fir cones, and the star of the show.  The pumpkins make this a really attractive display, for less than the cost of a garland.

Add detail to a group of similar items

5 Easy decorating ideas for autumn include grouping together similar items and adding some berries and cones

And the last of the Autumn decorating ideas is to add a small detail to a collection of very similar items.  Here I’ve used light up letters, but you could equally do this with glass jars, bottles or photographs in the same style frame.  It is important to keep the collection of items in the same colour, so as not to detract from your autumn detail in front.   In this case, one stem from our autumn foliage collection, and some fir cones.  Remember that the eye prefers collections in odd numbers, so work in 3’s or 5’s.


So there you go.  5 super easy Autumn decorating ideas that you can incorporate into your autumn home decor really easily. 


I’d love to see any of the displays that you create in your home for Autumn, so please feel free to share them with us on social media.  Find us on Facebook or on Instagram, and if you’d like to read more about how you can create the autumn look in your home, head over to our collection of blog posts and click on the tag Autumn Home Decor 


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