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Spring Home Decor - 5 Ways To Display Christmas Decorations In Your Spring Home Decor

Spring Home Decor - 5 Ways To Display Christmas Decorations In Your Spring Home Decor

Lots of your Christmas decorations can actually be used all year round.  We've shown you 5 ways that are really attractive display ideas, great for those decorations with no Christmas motifs on, and add a little sparkle to your home for nothing!

Hang A Garland As Part of Your Spring Home Decor


Twine tree with crystal flowers garland wrapped around for bedroom Spring home decor


Here, I've used a simple hessian twig tree that I've had knocking around for years.  It's not Christmas tree shape, which makes it perfect for staying out all year round, and switching up what's on the branches.  In this instance, I've got one of our crystal flower garlands draped over the branches.  This type of garland is particularly effective because the flowers dangle, making it look like there's flower drops hanging down.  However, on a pretend tree isn't the only place that you can put a garland.  For fuller garlands, like our white honesty leaf garland, they look great draped over a bed stand, anything floral or foliage could go on a mantelpiece (eucalyptus is a good one but avoid fir foliage, as that definitely looks Christmas-sy), pom-poms stand out great in a houseplant, and crystal or glass effect garlands look great catching the light draped over something very delicate like branches.


Hang Decorations on Your Door Latch or Cupboard Door Knobs


Orange fabric heart hanging from a latch on an interior door - a simple way of adding detail to Spring home decor


This is a very 'country cottage' decorating feature, and over the years I've used this on almost every door in every house I've lived in!

In honesty, I don't have that many in Pontybat, as the door latches are mostly too wide to fit these over, and our cupboard doors are too low for them to be really noticed, but this does look great on cupboard doors that are mounted on the wall.  Hearts, gonks (without the Christmas motifs) or even country side animals, like this owl.

I recommend fabric or beaded decorations for this, although wooden would be alright too, but maybe a little noisy.  Glass would break the first time your teenager slams the door shut, and plastic will either shatter or scratch, so avoid decorations made from either of these materials.

Using a Spring Floral Wreath as part of your Spring Home Decor

Spring floral wreath in an alcove as part of the Spring home decor
A highly underused decorating item outside of Christmas is the wreath.  Here, I've just placed this floral wreath leaning against a deer antler with a couple of candles.  No nails in the wall.  Easy.  This would work just as well on a shelf if you've not got any alcoves.  But there's loads of other great places you can hang wreaths: in the middle of a mirror at the top; in place of a couple of photos; above a mantelpiece; above a bed; or in a window.  Just make sure that, like with art, the wreath is the right size for the space you want to put it in.

Fairy Lights in the Room


Fairy lights hanging along ceiling beams for Spring home decor


I feel like I bang on about this A LOT, it has come up in blog posts already (see here as an example, or follow us on social media) but honestly, dismiss the idea that hanging fairy lights is a student digs thing, and embrace your inner fairy light goddess.  The ambience and light that these emit, especially during the long nights of January and February is so warming and cosy, you really will feel better.  Every room in my house downstairs has a set up round the beams, and they all go on at various points in the afternoon ready for the evening.  Being LED these use little electricity, probably less than your standard lamp.    If you really can't be bothered to unpack your decorations form the loft, check out our lighting range here.  Some of these are on timers (win-win), just check out the product descriptions, or drop me a message to double check.


Create Your Own Branch Display for Your Spring Home Decor

Branch display with hanging heart tree decorations for Spring home decor

If you don't have a ready to go tree like in the first picture, don't sweat it.  It's so easy to create something similar, and this can change with the seasons too.  Now, you may remember I wrote about this display in one of our Autumn blogs too, and in fact this is exactly the same one I made for then.  So this display has lasted well over 6 months, and granted, the branches are a little brittle, but still happy to hold the weight of cut glass decorations.  I have since moved it on to the dining table.  Hearts are a great decoration to buy because they can be used all year round without looking odd.  Here, I have hearts and some of the icicles we sell in the shop, but it just looks like a drop.  These catch the light beautifully, and with cut glass, and crystal, they will cast little rainbows over the room (great fun for the pussy cats!).  I've added some moss around the top of the vase, and wanted to put in some small fake snowdrops or narcissus, but haven't yet found any, and don't want to pick them out of the garden!  


So, some really cute ideas there for your Spring home decor, where you can use the Christmas decorations that you've already got!  But if you fancy treating yourself to something new, we've got some really pretty pieces in our Spring collection ready for you.  Have fun!



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