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Top Tips to Care for Your Fresh Flower Door Wreath

Top Tips to Care for Your Fresh Flower Door Wreath

Top Tips to Care for Your Fresh Flower Door Wreath

Using real flowers in a door wreath is a really luxurious way of dressing your front door.  Full of charm, it adds a country feel to an entrance.  You'll feel like your home is the most wanted cottage in your area!

But being made from fresh flowers worries some - will it last a weekend?  But as with any fresh flower arrangements, there's always little things you can do to make your door wreath last longer.

With Danger Of Frost, Bring the Door Wreath Indoors

Being cold actually helps flowers last for longer.  That's why you'll rarely find heating in a florists shop.  But being too cold will kill the flowers.  If temperatures drop close to freezing, bring your wreath in from outside.

Keep Away From Exposed Spots That Catch the Weather

Although the flowers in your door wreath are put in tightly, a strong wind will tug at them, and may cause a spot of damage.  So choose a more sheltered spot if possible.  On a door under a porch is perfect!

Water the Door Wreath

The flowers in your door wreath can potentially last up to 3 weeks, if not a little longer.   But not if it doesn't get watered!  I recommend watering every other day, and every day if during a hot spell.  To water, remove the door wreath from its hanging spot.  Using a jug carefully pour water underneath the flowers and foliage into the oasis beneath.  Leave the door wreath to sit for half an hour or so (or better still, overnight) and allow the water to soak into the flower stems.  Hang the door wreath back up in the morning.

Feed the Wreath

We provide you with some pouches of flower food, and these should last you the duration of your door wreath.  Make up one pouch of feed to the required level, and keep this in a bottle.  By using this water on the wreath, you're also feeding the flowers.

Remove Dead Petals and Leaves

With some flowers used like roses, you can keep peeling off the dead petals, giving the flower a longer lease of life.  With the foliage, you can also pick off the top couple of leaves that may dry out, but leaving the bigger leaves underneath.

Remove Flowers as They Pass Their Best

Some flowers will last for several weeks, and others dry very well.  But some will be past their best after about 10 days, and these can be carefully removed.  Quite often, this doesn't detract from the door wreath because there will be flowers underneath that bloom, ready to fill in its gap.  You may choose to replace some of those flowers if you have them growing in the garden.  Snip the stems very short, and pop them in the hole vacated by the previous flower.


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