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Disposable Napkins

Choose from a selection of disposable napkins from our collection, including the smaller cocktail disposable napkin, or the larger luncheon disposable napkin.

Disposable napkins are great for a number of reasons:

  • Convenient - you just use and discard in the recycling bin, without any need for putting through the washing machine!
  • Hygienic - use once with no need to worry about germs.  Our pack sizes ensure that here's enough for several people, so there's no need to share any disposable napkins either!
  • Absorbent - these disposable napkins soak up spills easily, and you can wipe down surfaces whilst eating, or mop up any spills (great if there's kids around!)
  • Versatile - you can use these disposable napkins when on the go.  For your lunches at work, or for the kids at school.  You can dress up a romantic picnic, or use them to mop up soup on a hike.  You can dress a birthday cake plate, or utilise them at your formal Christmas dinner table.  Anything goes!
  • No need to put them through the laundry washing makes them a time saving and practical choice for the busy household.
  • Being made of 3-ply paper gives a thicker and therefore more luxurious feeling disposable napkin.
  • Wide variety of designs - means you can choose a pack of paper napkins that will suit a number of occasions, get a pack specifically for a child's party.  Get some for the outdoor barbecue you're hosting, or even some for Easter.  And of course, we've got plenty to choose from for your Christmas table.
  • Recycled and recyclable - there's some debate about whether disposable napkins are good for the environment, but these have all been made from recycled paper, and are fully recyclable/compostable.  So when finished, just place in your recycling or pop into your compost bin, and know you've done a great bit for the environment.  This factory has also been awarded the highest European awards for environmental standards, making this one of the greenest factories in the world.

All of the disposable napkins come in packs of 20.  The different designs available shown in the individual product descriptions.

To have any items out cost an additional £4.50, unless you spend £40 or more on your basket, and then you'll qualify for our free shipping offer.  Click and collect is available from Pontybat Farm by appointment only, if the Christmas Barn or Pumpkin Patch isn't open (during October - December).

Disposable Napkins

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