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The Copper & Holly Christmas Trends 2021

The Copper & Holly Christmas Trends 2021
Each year you guys love our new collections or stories, and it's finally time to reveal what our Christmas trends for 2021 are going to be!  
Now, when we say Christmas trends - you know us - we don't tend to follow the crowds!  We like to stand out and be different, giving you the Christmas decorations that you don't see elsewhere, with different ideas of putting them together.  That way, you know that your friends don't have their living rooms looking exactly the same as yours - how boring!
For 2021, we've centred our Christmas Barn around three main collections, which we'll walk through now, and give you some Christmas decorations that will fit beautifully with these colour decorating scehemes.
So, drum roll please.....
Let's get on with introducing our first Christmas trend 2021 for the Christmas Barn....
Featuring the collection PEACE as a Christmas Trend 2021
Christmas Trend #1 for 2021is what we've named Peace.  And it is peaceful too. Calming whites and ivory, whitewashed and pale wood, natural grey textures highlighted with silver that are all sitting next to baby and blush pink.  Noting unusual about that colour decorating scheme but when you add burgundy Christmas decorations this adds a depth that can feel missing.  Shabby chic works really well with this Christmas decorating scheme, and dark wood gets lifted by the lightness of the colours.
      Some favourite Christmas decorations for the Christmas trend 2021 PEACE
I've pulled out some of my favourite new Christmas decorations to showcase the first of the Christmas trend for 2021 features, and it appears that you guys have also got great taste ;-) as these have proved popular in the first few days of opening.  I've listed them here in the order that they appear in the image above - not in order of favourites!
1 - Grey Reindeer - quite a large decoration that would look great standing on the floor, or on a low plinth.  A natural grey texture that looks a little like cement, with just features highlighted in silver, a very pretty and unusual Christmas reindeer decoration that sits in this Christmas trend for 2021 perfectly.
2 - Artificial Pampas Grass - a really nice faux flower stem to add some movement.  This could go in a vase, in amongst other flowers/foliage, or lay it in your Christmas tree like we've done in the Christmas barn.  These aren't dried, so are not quite so 'floaty' as the dried version of artificial pampas grass can be.
3 - Feathered Bird Decoration - a beautiful hanging bird decoration that really could be left out all year round if you've got a lovely spot for him! Made from clear glass with burgundy feathers in the bird and on his tail, these are a delicate, beautiful and unusual addition to this Christmas trend collection.
4 - Glass Tealight Candle Holder - a super pretty small glass tealight candle holder that can absolutely stay out all year round.  Create a little collection on a side or cupboard, or have them dotted along the centre of your dining table to create atmosphere with twinkling candle light.
5 - Pink Christmas Tree Decoration - a blush pink geometric glass Christmas tree decoration that is a subtle addition to the Peace Christmas trend for 2021, but because it's clear will let the Christmas lights from the tree shine through.  
6 - Burgundy Christmas Garland - a gorgeous thick burgundy Christmas garland made up of honesty leaves, and edged with a subtle glitter.  These are lovely, and I think in the right place could stay out all year round if you liked.
7 - Pink Gnome - what a cutie!  She is in actual fact a Christmas gonk, identifiable with just her nose poking out from underneath her tall hat, and two long plaits that reach down past her feet!
8 - Bird Christmas Tree Decorations - these little cuties are definitely one of my faves this year.  Available in three different designs, these are raw cement, and although these have a little bit of gold on them they still fit in with this 2021 Christmas trend beautifully.
And now it's time to introduce our second Christmas Trend 2021!  
The second Christmas Trend 2021 for the Christmas barn
Think of walking along a tree lined road from twilight through to dark.  Those raw wood textures and colours, and the changing of the sky from dark grey through the different shades of dark blue, accentuated by the occasional antique gold peek , just like the stars appearing in the sky above you.  A perfect rustic decorating Christmas scheme, but with a modern twist with the introduction of blues and blacks.  Copper Christmas decorations also work perfectly in this 2021 Christmas trend. 
So which Christmas decorations made it onto the shortlist?
Showing Holy Night Christmas trend 2021 - natural wood, blues and blacks with gold accents
1 - Rattan Lighted Reindeer - our popular 'little guy' reindeer from last year has been grown up into an awkward adolescent at a wedding, wearing a suit for the first time!  Well, maybe not a full suit, but looking very dashing in his bow tie ribbon tied around his neck.  
2 - Snowflake Votive Candle holder - a beautiful and elegant Christmas candle holder that has a burnished look to it.  Solid metal, keep it out for the winter months and make the most of the twinkling candlelight in the January nights.
3 - Light Up Wooden Christmas Houses - a gorgeous freestanding light up house Christmas decoration, part of a new collection specially bought in for 2021, and is a regular Christmas trend!  No need to find a plug as these are battery powered.
4 - Blue Icicle Ornament - our icicle Christmas decorations fly out every year, and these will be no exception.  Made from clear blue glass, these could also stay out all winter!  No need for the Christmas tree, just hang on a couple of twigs picked up from an autumn walk.
5 - Mustard Christmas Baubles - mustard the colour - not mustard the food (although that might be quite a funky idea for next year!)  A perfect Christmas tree decoration for the retro home, but equally as good with a rustic scheme.  A touch of gold glitter just lifts this Christmas tree decoration a little, making it a perfect fir for our Holy Night Christmas trend for 2021!
6 - Black Lantern Candle Holder - a much weightier Christmas candle holder than it looks.  And in fact not just for Christmas,  This would make a beautifully elegant addition to the home decor.  The grain on the wooden handle is stunning, a real treasure.
7 - Mushroom Tree Decorations - available in two colours, both of which work perfectly with the Holy Night Christmas trend for 2021.  A pale grey blue, and a rose gold glitter mushroom tree decoration.  Would work nicely for Autumn decorations too :-)
8 - Metal Cut Out Candle Holder - a beautiful and elegant Christmas candle holder that shows a village scene and stag reindeer.  The scene travels all the war round the candle holder, so it doesn't matter from where you see it.
And now it's time to look closely at the third and last collection....
Introducing the JOY Christmas Trend 2021!
Christmas Trend 2021 - JOY
Wonderful pops of colour, mixed in with the traditional red and green, to create a Christmas decorating scheme as characterful as you are!  Think luxurious jewel colours, like in a Quality Street chocolate tin ;-)  Accent this with bright gold and plenty of glitter, and you've got a Christmas decorating scheme worthy of a Bollywood movie set!
This works well against a backdrop of dark to lift the room, or neutrals, to really make the Christmas decorations sing.  Just let your cheery heart go wild, as with this scheme, too much is definitely not enough!
Christmas trend 2021 JOY product images
1 - Pink Butterfly Clip - a bright, glitter pink butterfly clip Christmas decoration.  We love clips as they can clip on anywhere.  We love to use them on awkward Christmas tree branches that you can't hang a Christmas tree decoration on, or to fill up a gap on the real Christmas trees!  
2 - Train Christmas Tree Decorations - a perfect merging of traditional and jewel to show what this Joy Christmas trend for 2021 is all about.  Cute little Christmas decoration that will nestle in the branches nicely.
3 - Rainbow Christmas Tree Decorations - This rainbow follows the real rainbow colours :-)  And so merges traditional with a spot of colour.  A perfect decoration to reminisce in years to come of the last two years.
4 - Light Up Crescent Moon - This is such a pretty decoration - my daughter's eyes lit up when she saw it.  And it's been popular in the shop too.  This can hang up all year round, no need to take it away in the New Year.  Cheer up your space with it!
5 - Alternative Tree Toppers - Elevate your Christmas tree in the topper stakes with one of these alternative tree toppers.  Based in the traditional colours camp, with gold glitter detailing, this will sit really nicely on a bright and colourful tree.
6 - Light Up Christmas Baubles - A very pretty light up bauble that will work either on the Christmas tree or hanging up from a nail in a little nook in your home.  Made from clear glass with pink and gold decorating detail, this has already been a popular Christmas decoration with the customers visiting the Christmas barn who've loved this new feel Christmas trend for 2021.
7 - Pom Pom Tree Decorations - These fabulous festival inspired tree decorations are another from this Christmas trend 2021 that could stay out all year round.  Would look equally as fabulous in the garden during the summer swinging from a tree branch, giving the ultimate in boho vibes.
8 - Crystal Heart Tree Ornaments - a super pretty heart tree decoration that changes colour depending on which direction you're looking an dhow the light catches the heart.  Could be blue, green, pink, yellow.  Very attractive, and if the sunlight catches it, will make the mini rainbows dance all over the floor like crystal does!
And in the blink of an eye, we've looked at 24 favourite Christmas decorations that perfectly capture our Christmas trends for this 2021 year.
So let me know in the comments below what you'll be putting in your basket this Christmas 2021.  Extra points for pictures ;-)
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